We are a volunteer based organization and rely on our volunteers on and off the field to bring football to our players. Each year our volunteers contribute approximately 43,000 hours to get our players and cheerleaders ready to perform at their best.

There are many different volunteer opportunities available, and no worries, if you’re not a “football buff”, most of us aren’t and have learned along the way. Listed below are just a few opportunities where you can volunteer, and high school students are welcome to get some of their volunteer hours helping us out. If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering, please contact an executive member, coach or manager for more information.


The Executive are elected at the Club’s Annual General Meeting and consists of the following positions:

  • Chair
  • Director of Football Operations
    • Deputy Director of Football Operations
    • Director of Coaching and Coach Development
    • Director of Training and Programs
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Director of Marketing and Fundraising
  • Director of Volunteers
  • Up to 3 Directors at Large

Any member of our club can put their name forward for a position on the executive.

Fundraising Committee

We have had very successful events in the past years that included a gala with dinner, dancing, and a silent auction. Those that attended will tell you it was a great event. We are aiming for different event every year. Our Marketing Director works very hard trying to raise funds for our club, and the fundraising committee is looking for help. New ideas and new people to the club are more than welcome to get involved as this is a great way to have some good fun, meet other club members, and raise money for our club.

If you are interested in being even just a small piece of this puzzle, please let our Marketing Director know (contact info here. Every little bit helps!

Coaches, Managers and Team Support

Head Coaches are selected annually by the Club Executive, but there’s almost always open positions for assistant coaches on every team. The more help, the better, whether its running drills, helping players improve technique, or managing substitutions during the game.

Our Team Managers help to keep everything and everyone organized. This is a tremendous job. Some of the manager’s duties are to recruit volunteers for upcoming games, half time snacks, canteen duty, and 50/50 ticket sales. The manager needs to ensure effective communications and liaison between executive, coaches, trainers and parents.

Trainers are required for each team to help in the event of an injury to a player. This volunteer must provide proof of their first aid training.

Equipment Managers are required for each team. This person is responsible for making sure that each player is equipped with the proper sized equipment and that all equipment is in good working order and has been inspected for safety.

Hydration Specialists are responsible for keeping our players hydrated. They wash and fill the team’s water bottle supply and have them ready for each practice and game.

Game Day Staff

On game day, Convenors are responsible for tracking the number of plays each player gets per game to ensure we comply with league rules. Timers are responsible for tracking game time and communicate this to the referees as necessary. Yard Stick Helpers track the ball placement and work with the referees from the sidelines to keep the game on track.

Canteen Coordinators are special volunteers who are responsible for purchasing supplies for sale at our canteen, as well as setting up and taking down the canteen tent with the help of additional canteen volunteers who run the canteen, handle sales and assist the coordinators as necessary. At home games, volunteers are also needed for 50/50 ticket sales.

The Stats Keeper will follow the game and chart the happenings on the field, ie who got the TD, who made that great tackle, etc.

The Communications volunteer is responsible for ensuring that after each game, stats are forwarded to the News Writer who then writes a small article about the events of the game. Most of these articles are published in the community paper and in the Managers team news letter. Some volunteers from real pearls have joined us.