Tackle Football

Football programs are grouped by player age as of December 31st of the current calendar year.

Program Player Age Focus Roster Size
Tyke 8 to 10 Development and Participation 30 players
Mosquito 11 and 12 Development 36 players
Peewee 13 and 14 Transition to Competitive 36 players
Bantam 15 and 16 Competitive 36 players
Midget 17 to 19 Competitive 45 players
Equipment and Fees

Registration fees for the tackle programs include all equipment (certified and fitted). This includes helmets, shoulder pads, hip pads, thigh pads, tailbone pads, knee pads, practice jersey and pants, game jersey and pants, and a mouth guard.

The only additional equipment required are suitable shoes (football or soccer cleats) and a football girdle.

For details on the specific fees for each level, please see our Registration page.

Rosters and Tryouts

Players do not require any prior football experience, regardless of age. Training for basic skills and technique is provided at every level, making the game highly accessible for new players of all ages. The roster size at all levels is limited to 36 players per team, so the initial weeks of practice will serve as a tryout period with the coaching staff for each team making the final roster decisions before the start of the regular season.

At the Tyke level, games are played with 10 players per side on the field at a time. The field size is slightly smaller than a regular field at 80 yards by 41 yards. At all other levels, games are played on a full sized field with 12 players per side.

The focus shifts as players get older. At the Tyke level, the focus is on participation and development, giving kids an opportunity to learn the game and develop their skills with regular opportunities to get on the field. The development focus continues through the Mosquito level. At the Peewee level, the focus begins to shift to introducing a more competitive element. At the Bantam and Midget levels, the teams are more competitive by nature with an increased focus on achieving team success.

Fall League

The fall football league is operated by the National Capital Amateur Football Association (NCAFA). The Kanata Knights Club generally enters teams at every level into fall league play. Tryouts and practices start in early summer and the season runs from August until October. Practices are typically 3 evenings per week and the season consists of 8 regular season games plus playoffs.

The Kanata Knights home field for fall league is the Bob Barr field at the Kanata Recreation Centre at the corner of Terry Fox Drive and Hazeldean Road. Practice field locations vary depending on the level.

Registration and More Information

For more information, please contact the appropriate head coach or the club registrar (email addresses can be found here). For details about registration (including fees), please check our Registration page.